SCC MediaGrid is a cross-platform client application for Windows and Mac OSX operating systems, supporting advanced search, edit and display of a wide variety of multimedia file-types contained within an SCC MediaServer digital asset management system.
Approximately 95% of the software code is written independently of the operating system leading to the availability of updates for all platforms almost simultaneously. Platform-optimized libraries and sophisticated cross-platform compiler technology ensure the best possible performance across both platforms.
SCC MediaGrid provides a sophisticated set of advanced search, display and edit functions such as customizable edit forms and print layout screens, user definable metadata fields, batch record editing, preview and compare techniques, image soft-cropping, drag-and-drop linking and transfer of metadata, the creation of AutoFill editing macros, drop palette support for 3rd party applications as well as many other workflow and delivery automation techniques.
An extensive set of user options and preferences are supported, making it possible to configure and customize the look, behavior, and operation of the SCC MediaGrid application.

SCC MediaGrid Features

  • Multiple open watchspaces allowing parallel connection to multiple SCC MediaServer libraries/systems
  • Both Lucene full-text and time-based search modes
  • Watchspaces viewable in either Grid or Multi-Column modes with flexible and user definable metadata field display
  • Customizable info bars, attribute clusters, and corner markers
  • Preview window supporting soft cropping of images
  • Compare window supporting 2 up and 4 up comparison display in addition to 1 up slide-show
  • Drop palette provides drag and drop launch of files or copy to target folders
  • Customizable editing forms and print layouts supporting user-defined metadata fields
  • Customizable popup metadata lists for use within editing dialogs
  • AutoFill macros for automatic population of metadata fields
  • Supports user creation of private or shared projects