slider-bgSCC MediaGrid client application for advanced search, edit and display of multimedia files in an SCC MediaServer Digital Asset Management (DAM) system

SCC MediaServer

Digital Asset Management Systems

SCC MediaServer systems provide planning, assignment and production workflow
tools for digital media archiving. Available in Express, Enterprise and Cloud Editions.

Amazon AWS Web Services
slider-bgSCC MediaFactory fully-automated multimedia workflow engine and key component of the SCC MediaServer Digital Asset Management (DAM) system

Everything you need

Build High-Performance
Digital Media Workflows!

64-bit architecture provides unparalleled
scalability, reliability and performance.

slider-bgSCC Mobile Web Client application provides responsive mobile device access to the SCC MediaServer Digital Asset Management (DAM) system

Looks Great on

Desktops, Tablets and
Mobile Devices

Supports all modern browser applications
on multiple platforms

slider-bgSCC Assignment Module adds photo, graphic, video, story assignments workflow, staff scheduling and agency contracts management to an SCC MediaServer Digital Asset Management (DAM) system


Contracts, Schedules, Budgets, Assignments

Manage agency contracts, schedule staff, plan story budgets, create and fulfill assignments

slider-bgSCC Video Support Module provides automated transcoding, metadata extraction and archive of audio/video files in an SCC MediaServer Digital Asset Management (DAM) system

Smooth Video!

Search, Preview
Transcode, Deliver

Includes interface to Brightcove portal
for automated video archiving

Amazon AWS Web Services
slider-bgAmazon AWS Web ServicesSCC Cloud Storage Module adds support for low cost Amazon AWS S3 storage to an SCC MediaServer Digital Asset Management (DAM) system

Store Data Automatically

In the Cloud!

SCC MediaServer systems support cloud, on-premise and hybrid server and storage infrastructure

Amazon AWS Web ServicesAmazon AWS Web Services
slider-bgSCC Rest API enables developer access to SCC MediaServer Digital Asset Management (DAM) system resources enabling interaction with client web browser technologies

Integrate your Apps!

Build Custom
Client Interfaces

Rest API provides developer level access to the
full range of SCC MediaServer functionality

SCC MediaServer Digital Asset Management DAM system software. Amazon AWS cloud storage. Photo, Image, Text, Video, Graphic, Media Archive & Publishing Workflow

Granular design provides unlimited
scalability and performance

Built-in data replication facility provides
increased resilience and disaster protection

Flexible SaaS pricing model
with zero upfront costs

Build an amazing

Digital Asset Management System

Mission Critical

SCC MediaServer DAM systems store millions of digital multimedia assets created by News and Entertainment Media Industry sites throughout the world.
Typically used in deadline-critical workflows, SCC MediaServer systems provide scalable, highly available archive repositories for digital assets, fulfilling high user and feature expectations, and providing bi-directional integration with 3rd party production and content management systems.
In these mission-critical environments even a minor disruption can be enough to prevent business continuity, placing high demands on both the system itself and the support organization behind it.
SCC MediaServer offers cross-platform support, compatibility with the latest digital media formats, read/write support for Adobe XMP metadata standards, integration with the Adobe Creative Suite of applications, and proven reliability, scalability, and performance.

Latest Technology

  • SCC MediaServer systems support multi-platform client access, compatibility with modern digital media formats, read/write support for the latest metadata standards, and integration with 3rd party desktop and server applications.
  • 64-bit VM and cluster-aware design supports scalable system configurations providing unsurpassed performance and reliability.
  • Granular database design, distributed search and indexing engine, and multi-channel workflow architecture supports parallel processing across multiple clustered server nodes.
  • Integrated replication software supports real-time data mirroring to one or more redundant SCC MediaServer systems located in one or more geographical high-availability zones.
  • Supports cloud-based and hybrid server and storage infrastructures utilizing Amazon EC2 and S3 AWS frameworks.

Media Workflows

  • Send and receive data from network shares, FTP sites and Email servers.
  • Process digital images in all commonly used formats.
  • Process RAW digital camera images, automated ICC color profile mapping.
  • Ingest Postscript vector images and documents in EPS and PDF formats, including auto-extraction of embedded text.
  • Transcode and ingest audio and video files in all commonly used formats.
  • Ingest Microsoft Office documents, in Word, Powerpoint, Excel formats, including auto-extraction of embedded text.
  • Process text data in most commonly used formats, including XML, Html, Iptc, ObjectML/NewsML, tagged structured text, plain text.
  • Includes read/write support for modern metadata standards, including XMP, IPTC, EXIF
  • Microsoft Word extension for enhanced metadata editing.
  • Interfaces to 3rd party applications including Brightcove, YouTube, Refinitiv Open Calais, Twitter, RSS, WordPress.

Optional Modules

  • Agency contract, staff scheduling, story budgeting and assignment workflow tools.
  • Ingestion of data from RSS and Twitter feeds.
  • Automated delivery of content to CMS systems and online vendors.
  • Integration with Refinitiv Open Calais Intelligent Tagging Service for automated metadata enrichment.
  • Integration with Brightcove Video Platform for automated video archiving.
  • Transcoding video files into rich media packages consisting of high definition video, thumbnails, keyframes, and streaming proxies of varying size and resolution.
  • ObjectML/NewsML/XML data exchange.
  • Customizable client integration with Microsoft Word for enhanced metadata editing.
  • Offsite or Cloud based Data Replication for Disaster Recovery.
  • Developer level Rest API for custom integration and client application development.

Our Products

Why Choose Us

Digital Asset Management

  • State-of-the-art 64-bit server technology
  • Ultra high-performance search engine
  • Highly configurable input/output workflow engine
  • Flexible cross-platform client applications
  • Cloud, On-Premise or Hybrid Implementation

Data Migration

  • 20 years of complex metadata parsing and data migration experience
  • Comprehensive set of tools for efficient and accurate data transfer
  • Image and text data conversions from legacy archive system formats
  • Existing tools and experience can be easily applied to new 3rd party data transfer requirements

Project Management

  • 20 years project management experience
  • Large, medium and small implementations
  • A wide variety of existing projects to draw from
  • Projects completed on-time and under budget

Workflow Automation

  • Multi-channel I/O workflow configuration
  • 64-bit Multi-threaded channel operation
  • Scalable over multiple cloud instances/zones
  • Background operation runs as a service
  • Replicated configuration for disaster recovery

Software Development

  • SCC is first and foremost a software development company
  • Software written using state-of-the-art programming languages and tools
  • Product evolution based on user requests and delivered as component upgrades
  • Maintenance agreement includes major and minor releases at no additional cost

Application Training

  • Highly skilled training staff
  • Experienced industry professionals
  • Training courses tailored separately for system administrators and for end users
  • Onsite or offsite training packages
  • State of the art training facility

Systems Integration

  • Specialists in 3rd party production and CMS systems integration
  • Out-of-the-box data exchange via simple hot-folder transfer
  • Sophisticated bi-directional interfaces via 3rd party SDK's
  • Custom application interfaces via optional Rest API developer API
  • Sophisticated reporting tracks 3rd party utilization

Cloud Implementation

  • Supports full cloud, partial cloud or fully on-premise implementations.
  • Amazon or Azure storage
  • On-premise systems easily replicated to cloud for disaster recovery
  • Fully hosted cloud implementation available
  • At all times the customer retains full control of their data

Technical Support

  • Available 24x7x365
  • Sophisticated helpdesk incident management system
  • Experienced industry personnel
  • Skilled in all modern OS and cloud platforms
  • Work closely with SCC developers

SCC MediaServer is a highly scalable digital asset management system that will meet the most demanding requirements, with little to no startup costs.

Choose a managed system installed in the Amazon Cloud or a system installed onto your existing on-premise infrastructure.

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Express from:

$300.00 / month
  • Includes:
  • 5 Power Users
  • 10 Lightweight Users
  • SCC MediaFactory
  • SCC MediaGrid
  • SCC Web Module
  • 4 GB Metadata Storage
  • 9am-6pm EST Software Support
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Standard from:

$450.00 / month
  • Includes:
  • Power Users (as licensed)
  • Lightweight Users (as licensed)
  • SCC MediaFactory
  • SCC MediaGrid
  • SCC Modules (as licensed)
  • Unlimited Metadata Storage
  • 9am-6pm EST Software Support

Extended from:

$600.00 / month
  • Includes:
  • Power Users (as licensed)
  • Lightweight Users (as licensed)
  • SCC MediaFactory
  • SCC MediaGrid
  • SCC Modules (as licensed)
  • Unlimited Metadata Storage
  • 24/7 Software Support

Cloud from:

$750.00 / month
  • Includes:
  • Power Users (as licensed)
  • Lightweight Users (as licensed)
  • SCC MediaFactory
  • SCC MediaGrid
  • SCC Modules (as licensed)
  • Unlimited Metadata Storage
  • 24/7 Infrastructure Support